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What does it cost?

Individual Sessions / Trajectory Living in Connection / Groupsessions / Representatives / Zoom Mantra Meditation Gathering 

We don't warm our hearts with money, we do that with our connection. Money does provide the balance that is needed between coach and coachee. Let's embrace this balance question together and the heart flow can continue to flourish in the meantime.

Individual Sessions

I request an investment from you of 50 euros per session. An intake always takes place beforehand, for which an investment of 30 euros is required. (VAT included, 1 hour per session). If you cancel 24 hour before a session or the intake your investment will be charged. 

Trajectory Living in Connection

The trajectory Living in Connection has an investment of 330 euro for six sessions plus the 30 euro for the intake. The three sessions afterwards requires an investment of 50 euro per session.  (VAT included, 1 hour per session). If you cancel 24 hour before a session or the intake your investment will be charged. 

Group Constellation

The investment is 90 euro per questionar, for a constellation of 1,5 hour. 

Because of the rent of extern locations where the constellations take place cancellation is charged as folowed:

Up to 2 months before the reservation date: cancellation is free of charge
• 2 to 1 month before the reservation date: 50% of the total costs
• 1 month until reservation date: 100% of the total costs


Your investment is 10 euro (incl. VAT). This amount is charged no matter if there is one or more quistion you will decide to join during a morning, afternoon or evening. If you cancel 24 hours before it takes place the whole amount will be charged.

Mantra Meditation Gathering

Your contribution to these evenings is 10 euros. The evening consists of 1.5 hours of guided mantra meditations where you can fully enjoy the mantras and let it do its work. You can also sing along if you want of course. Whatever you do, I will take you on a journey to connect with yourself and with others. The magic of the mantra guides us in this.

Our mantra encounters take place with zoom. You can sign up here to receive new dates. When you have payed upfront you will receive the link for our gathering.


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