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What does a Family Constellation cost?

Working with family constellations is so incredibly beautiful! It is a gift in itself to be allowed to do this work. That is why I made the choice to work on the basis of dana (generosity). What does this mean?

What does working on the basis of Dana mean?

Dana is a gift, given from our hearts, in accordance with everyone's possibilities and circumstances. By means of dana we ensure that the fruits of the practice of Family Constellations Deva Vasuda will also be accessible to others in the future. Dana is a voluntary donation as a token of appreciation for the one who gives guidance and is educated to do so. Dana is a concept from Buddhism.

Why this choice?

In every layer of the population there are people who struggle with problems . Problems who deserve a loving, professional guidance. Family Constellations Deva Vasuda is such a loving concept. There is a supervisor who is expertly trained and understands and monitors what goes on during a constellation. This counselor conducts the relationship in a safe, healing, loving setting in a way that contributes to growth. To the one with the question and all who are there during a constellation.

So this is why you will not find a price list on this website. This way, people with a smaller budget can also benefit from this concept. Moreover, I believe it is a valuable principle to give what you can miss. There is confidence and acceptance for what is; a beautiful soil to start with when we will meet for a constellation.

Dana is being asked from all the participants, both the questioners and representatives.

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