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A personal experience with family constellations

21 January 2019
Written by

Deva Vasuda

During my training I have been able to experience a very impressive and far-reaching constellation myself.

I would like to share this with you to provide insight into how seeming situations, that have little to do with family, can sometimes be resolved by looking at the family.

I will try to do this without going too deeply into the subject matter. The healing of family constellations lies within the soul. That means that as soon as you start talking about what has happened during an constellation, we will start thinking. Before we know it, our thinking will submerge the soul work. Even after a healing constellation, you can get lost again when there is too much talk about the constellation. My advice is always to share what you feel, not so much what happens in terms of content. It is also not necessary to talk about the constellation with those involved in your issue. At the soul level shifts take place, no words need to be given after the constellation.

In my case, I had been suffering from heavy migraines for years. So serious that I could not work. I have visited many gifted doctors for this. From neurologists to a specialized headache clinic or acupuncture and more. During the constellation that I am talking about now, my migraine was diagnosed. Generations of women from my family line were represented by different women. (This means the women in my family, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-grandmother and further back).

Without going into further details, I noticed after a month or three that, to my surprise, I had not had a migraine for a long time. It had come to the place where it belonged. The representatives had revealed something that my soul felt, but that I could not access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I want to make sure that family constellations are not used instead of regular health care. Use it as an addition, not the first means to get rid of illnesses.

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