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Images of the soul

23 November 2018
Written by

Deva Vasuda

A beautiful (Dutch) book that I woul like to point out to you, is the book: 'Images of the soul, about the working of the soul in shamanistic rituals and family constellations' written by Daan van Kampenhout.

Images of the soul: a clear explenation of the field we work in with sytemic family constellations and it's relationship with shamanism.

What I like is the fact that the roots of what I work with are discussed in a very concrete and accessible way. I also love the wonderful combination of two very different currents. That is what appeals to me, different worlds that meet each other, reinforce each other, where differences are celebrated and simularity is used in a healing way.

Personally, I never associated myself with Shamanism or missionary work that Bert Hellinger (the founder of Family Constellations) did before he decided to combine these two in Family Constellations. This also shows nicely that you do not have to have anything to do with it. This applies to me as a the one who is guiding family constellations, but also to you as a questioner or representative. What has touched me deeply is the insight that, freely translated by me, a 'whole village' is used to cure someone with a problem.

That is what I see happening in family constellations. People who do not necessarily know each other, ensure that a problem in a person's life is taken to a higher level. Everything with the intention to support a soul. This is probably also what we did in the West in ancient times. Family is not necessarily the cornerstone of society, but it is a way of working where we go back to our roots.

Working with the soul in the here and now, connected to each other, because the soul itself does not store experiences but is sensitive to it. Opportunities are created to work with the soul and this book tells us a bit more about this difficult issue to understand. From shamanism and the experiences with family constellations themselves with concrete examples.

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