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The Light of Connection

11 May 2020
Written by

Deva Vasuda

Living in Connection: an invitation to question what seems normal, to use common sense and to use your moral compass.


It feels a bit bold, "Living In Connection", at a time when trusted connections changed so suddenly, due to a worldwide lockdown.How did that look to you? Did everything fall apart, did new opportunities arise? Was it lonely, did it give you space?
In my case it was a very busy, fertile period. My second job required double hours. Part of it consisted of a seven-year-old's home schooling. She wanted me to do my own homework beside her. And so I started writing about what had been bubbling for a long time: a process of 6 individual sessions: 'Living in Connection, your Desire In Pictures'.

Loose cords
The global system, the system to which you yourself belong (family, work, friends, etc.) can sometimes be quite thwarting in your desire for connection. As if all the cords that provide connection hang slack or even cut. You don't know how to tie them back together, but you long for it. And it is often not possible to push down a system  on your own.

Moral compass

What I hope is that the project I have developed will help you to feel. Your own critical mind, in addition to a warm heart, is the most important thing we have. With the project I want to give an invitation to question what seems normal, to let the common sense speak and to use your moral compass.

Enduring pain

Embracing painful emotions instead of being against them seems to be difficult for many of us. "When it rains, you have to wait for a dry day." Don't think  feelings get stuck on you forever. They pass and you have to go through. This goes against the modern view that you can cast out painful emotions in particular with all kinds of beautiful spells and techniques such as positive thinking. Emotions want to be felt before they leave you, and they carry a message within them. If you don't acknowledge your fears, you have thousands of fears more. If there are no dark sides, your light cannot shine completely.



I see working on yourself as something that returns regularly. Withdraw from the everyday rumble and relax, think and open up. Once charged, you can live fully again to make your contribution. This can be done by meditating for five minutes or more every day, try not losing yourself in stimuli,  be in silence, breathing. Sometimes this is all it takes. And if you have room for that, you can also give the somewhat larger maintenance a chance, such as a project of connecting. Everything leads to self-love. For me, self-love is watch my confusion, shortcomings and mistakes with mild attention. I am human, I do my best. I keep myself grounded by gardening, meditating and singing mantras.

The center of the cyclone

I tried to use the corona crisis for the good. For me, that included writing the first four sessions of this process. For me, the best we can do is to find peace somewhere amid uncertainty. Because if we know something it is this: it is not over yet.

Just remember that uncertainty is always there. Generations have overcome it. The suffering that comes with it is not something to look forward to. So, find your own silence in the cyclone. Know where this silence is within you.

In the meantime, I will complete the project this summer and put it online.

And if you're looking for a handle to find your silence in the middle of the cyclone:
A video to help you with that can also be seen here. I wish you a pleasant journey.

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