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The miracle in the wound

15 July 2019
Written by

Deva Vasuda

A meditation to make contact with the miracle in the wound.

We have so many incentives. We keep on racing. Sometimes it seems that we are busy for a reason. Not to feel.

Because when something is very bad, it is often not discussed. The wound lies in silence. To cover this up, we cover up that wound. By escaping the silence.

Going wild like that and having a lot of incentives can therefore literally feel "raged" and "over- stimulated".

So the challenge is to make contact with these feelings. Instead of keep on going with ignoring it. With respect for the process:

From too painful to want to feel;
To rage and incentives;
Untill investigate in silence.

But how can you do that: consciously respond to difficult feelings?

During System Coaching I work with meditation if appropriate. This happens in the moment one is ready for the renewed stillness. The moment there is capacity to look at the emotional pain a little.

Awareness of vulnerability is monitored by attaching value to all steps of this process. An awareness process in which all three steps are allowed.

I would like to share an example with you here. Feel what this meditation means to you.

Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Take an easy position in which you sit upright.

- then focus your attention on your inner experience and notice what thoughts and feelings there are;

- what is your tendency to do? What are you doing? What is going on with you right now ?;

- observe without losing yourself in it. What is your mood ?;

- give words to what you feel. Eg: I feel bad and there are many thoughts about it ..... My neck hurts or I am afraid and have negative thoughts about ... my body is completely stiff;

Then move your attention:

- Bring your attention to your breathing in a friendly way. Feel how your abdominal wall goes forward with the inhalation and how this goes back with the exhalation. You may also feel your chest move or your flanks. Or you can feel the breath going in and out through your nose .;

- Follow your breath, the entire inhalation and the entire exhalation. Anchor your breath;

Expand attention:

- Extend your breath to your entire body, especially to any feeling of discomfort, tension or resistance. If these feelings are there, focus your attention on it by breathing towards it with every inhalation;

- Exhale from those feelings and let them become softer and more open when you exhale;

- Say to yourself while you exhale "It's good, whatever it is, it's good, just let me feel it";

- Anchor your breath and body.

Respond consciously

- Now look at what your feelings are saying about how you are feeling. What would suit the situation? What do you need now? Acknowledge the feelings. Look consciously at what is helpful. Respond consciously.

- Take a few deep breaths, in and out, breathe in fresh air again and breathe out everything you want to let go.


When it is difficult for you to read and do this meditation, you can record your own voice and listen to it.

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I like to see you!

Light & a smile,


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