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Seeing through other eyes

26 February 2019

A possibility to host a Yoga Kids Teacher Training in my practice came to me.

The question was: does it fit to have a number of people with yoga mats making all kind of movements? Does that feel right?

I stood in the room and looked at it. What had to be removed, how can the mats fit in the room, which freedom of movement is needed? After a moment of looking I had my answer: 'Yes, that fits! We're going for it and it's going to be beautiful! "

As systemic worker, I view many situations through the eyes of a family constellation guide. That's what happened to me with this question as well. It fits (literally and figuratively) to host a Yoga Kids Teacher training in my practice on 3,4 and 5 May 2019.

What I did was the following: I entered the energy field of the yoga teacher in the room where the training should be given. This teacher is someone who lives a lot of miles away from that room, in England. Yet I looked through her eyes. Without knowing a lot about her profession, I could feel what was needed. By tuning me to her energy, I felt like it was right. And that's how it goes with family constellations too. We look, feel, know. What we perceive is what is needed. We talk with our own body, our own voice. At the same time, we move energetically in the energy field of the other. We can trust that we serve the other's system. That this system onvolds what we feel. That this system reveals what is needed. No matter how light or heavy it is. And that .... is seeing through other eyes. The healing field of systemic family constellations.

Feel free to feel free to come to an a family constellation or to participate in the Yoga Kids Teacher Training. For more information go to facebook: Family constellations Deva Vasuda (see dates at events).

I like to see you! Light and a laugh,


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