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Mother's will is law

12 May 2019
Written by

Deva Vasuda

Mother's will is law. How much of this law has consequences for you?

One of the questioners at a group Family Constellation, had a specific wish: what do the women in my family give as an answer to a life question I have. We were able to look at that yesterday. Nice to be able to do so  one day before Mother's Day.

Do you know that applicable saying? Mother's will is law?

But what law is that? This can sometimes be exposed during an Family Constellation. Your mother's law, and her mother's, and so on. When we work with the women from your family line, you can see how something has been passed on for generations. From woman to woman.

The collective memory is strong. From woman to woman it is already communicated in the womb of an embryo. Forces, emotions, and traumas in a generation are being given through from mother to daughter. This is because the womb of an embryo is already being developed in the womb of the mother. And that womb is a place where the woman receives the life energy and love. What energetically is present in love and life energy with the mother, is therefore passed on to the daughter. Unfortunately, the womb is also a place where negative emotions are stored. You can imagine that this is also transmitted energetically.

Unknowingly you take a lot with you at birth. All kinds of unspoken feelings of love and pain are passed on from woman to woman. From uterus to uterus. Women receive with the womb, give with the heart. (Men give life energy through the genitals and receive energy with their hearts. So they also have a collective memory, just like us, it just works a little differently).

Our ancestors have woven wisdom into our system as small gifts. By looking at this from Systemic Work, you can start unpacking these gifts. Sometimes these are heavy, rough boulders. By discovering those rough boulders together with a group or during an individual session, you are given the opportunity to polish them up into a beautiful jewel. A law passes from mother to daughter. A law that can now be seen by you. A law with which you can feel. What effect does this have on you? How can you apply this law in your life with a loving movement?

Many of us like to learn more about this.
'Because you only know where you are going when you know your history'.

How much do you feel about these unspoken mother laws?

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