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Never a depression? Really, are you okay?

14 November 2019
Written by

Deva Vasuda

A small gesture from me to you during your depression

'Never a depression? Really, are you okay? " A statement that contains the necessary humor. Behind the humor lies a story with many faces. Just like depression has many faces. There are countless causes. Let's look at three.

Fall or season depression

Sometimes the leaves fall from the trees and it feels as if with each leave some of the juice in your system is wither. You feel depressed, lifeless, sleepy, gloomy and have no energy to undertake things.

Major events and depression

Sometimes, demonstrable things happen in your life that will kill your zest for life. As if someone pressed the light button and it suddenly became dark. You search and search for the button, but cannot find it. Here too, you want to do little to nothing and prefer to crawl under a blanket. You have no energy, you eat too much or too little, sleep poorly, you feel worthless, not interested, irritated, restless or slow. You have concentration problems and / or are looking for a way out of not having to live.

Depression in your (family) system

Sometimes a genetic factor plays a role and in combination with other factors you are more likely to feel depressed. It is also possible that a collective depression is held in your system. For example, when there is war in your system, you can become far removed from daily joys. This could happen for fear of being attached to certainties that simply disappeared. Maybe you went through a war and everything of value disappeared. It is also possible that such a war has been passed on to you without your being aware of it. With that you can bear the same fear of attaching yourself, although you cannot necessarily reconcile that with your own life course. You can feel paralyzed by this fear, which in turn results in a strongly decreasing entrepreneurial spirit. Symptons such as those mentioned earlier appear or have always been present. You are afraid of inexplicable things or you react strongly to things that you cannot explain.

Anyway, it is needed to take all three seriously.

The meaning of life is to give meaning of life

What is very clear about all forms of depression is the lack of (sufficient) zest for life. Simple things like being able to enjoy a cup of coffee on a terrace, having breakfast in bed, buying plants for your garden; you do not seem to care anymore. A turning point in depression becomes visible when you start to miss these things, but you don't have the energy to act on it.
At the point you notice you are missing simple, little things, a small light comes in again, overshadowed by dark clouds of frustration.

Something you miss is something you want                                     

So somewhere there is a voice inside of you that  want to enjoy it. That 'wanting'  was totally lost in the deep depression. With this will the way out of depression starts. No matter how long the road seems, or actually is, a seed secretly grows out of the dark earth like a small green leave.
What matters is the change. Both with a depression that you understand where it comes from and with something that you cannot grasp .... it is metaphorically about the moment where an apparently bourgeois family home stands for welcome simplicity. Experiencing small pleasures alone or with your family contains enormous wealth. Living a simple life. In peace and safety.
Civilian means safe simplicity. For being able to enjoy small things. This gives a lust for life. The saying is not for nothing: it's the little things counts.

Not every day is good, but there is something good in every day

In English, depression is depressed, also known as 'deep rest'. Do you feel depressed? Allow yourself this period of deep rest. With a somewhat recovering depression, you want to be able to embrace life a little from this place of rest and safety. That can start small, by seeing, experiencing, doing one small thing that feels good to you.

Mantra Meditation

Maybe that little thing for yourself is something that starts today. Experience what a mantra meditation can relieve for you.

Maybe that little thing for yourself is something that starts today. Experience what a mantra meditation can relieve for you. In the free meditation app Insight Timer I have a large range of mantras ready for you. Accompanied or only the mantra, the choice is yours.


A little support from me for you, hopefully it gives you some beautiful and positive energy.

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