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Dealing with emotions

25 March 2019

Hello, welcome to Deva Vasuda.
Thank you for reading this blog.
Recently I was allowed to visit the sea. I was looking at the surf. To the waves that rolled away from me, and then rolled towards me again.
At that moment I was in good contact with my own emotions.
I became aware that nature reflects us so beautifully.
Just like the waves of the sea, where the waves come and go, my emotions come and go too.
As systemic worker I am also aware of my work during such private moments. I had to think about a lot of past coaching moments.
During individual coaching processes I often see how difficult it is to deal with emotions in a constructive way.
To see emotions as a guide. Lessons that can be felt without being stuck in it.
Sometimes an emotion takes over a person.
It turns out to be harder said than done to have an emotion, instead of becoming one.
We have felt all our lives. But we do not always get enough handles to deal with that feeling.
During individual coaching we look for stillness of emotions, the lessons of emotions, the value, beauty, and transience.

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