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Awaken your inspiration

15 July 2019
Written by

Deva Vasuda

Tips to create yourself, to stimulate your creativity.

With Systemic Work, your environment is involved in obstacles that you encounter on your life path. Healing an individual requires community involvement.

That is why working with family constellations in groups and giving individual systemic coaching in Corfu, Arillas, Greece is of such high value to me.

What more besides that?

My work as a Systemic Coach started there, during a family constellations workshop that I gave at the Gayatri Festival. This year I will attend my 7th festival. What touches me about the festival is the community it has created. Something has been created that many build on, by receiving and by giving. What touches me is how Deva Premal & Miten inspire so many to create.

From July 24 to August 9 I can be found on the island again this year. During this time individual sessions can be booked or you can work in groups. All this under the blue sky of the magical sky on Arillas.

Like every year I also give a free workshop during the Gayatri Festival. A festival that crossed my path through detours. It gives me inspiration every year. 

Life is not about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself. Sometimes you are getting energy by something that simply accures in your life. You can choose what you do with it. Like I did when I found a life path as a System Coach at the Gayatri Festival. Among other aspects of my life that preceded it.

The question is how you find that energy, what choices you make on your life path.

Why is seeing inspiration important to you?

Everything flows and nothing stays. Inspiration ensures that you want to move and that you want to move forward. It provides nutrition for creation. For yourself and therefore for others.

Guide yourself in finding inspiration for creation:

1. Take a look at yourself. What helps you to connect to everything that is important to you? How does the community you belong to contribute to this?

2. What stimulates you into your system? What do you learn in a positive way? Take a moment to feel what thoughts and emotions are valuable to you. What stirs up the power in you?

3. Whatever challenge you face, inspiration provides the reasons why you really want something. If you find this less easy in your family system, there are other communities that you are part of that inspire you. Consider who delivers your positive thoughts. Which communities make you want to be meaningful?

4. Good example leads to good following. Make a list or a mood board with people who inspire you. What can you do to find more connection with that community of inspiration?

5. Inspiration ensures that you act from within. And that you strive to improve yourself, to grow. Every little step forward is a lasting step forward. Results are only a matter of time if you continue to act from within and continue to grow. Be patient, take your time.

Now that I mention these examples, I am even more excited to find my source of inspiration at the Gayatri Festival. I feel it is right, the sense of sharing there, with each other. In the meantime, I wish you a lot of creativity.

I like to see you.

Light & a smile,



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