Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation is a tool that I use to calm your system. I will tell you more about it on this page.

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For the latest Mantra with music HONORING OUR ANCESTORS your can listen here. Read the blog THE ART OF FAILURE about the proces of that mantra here.

Aum Namo Vah Pitrah Saumyah Namaha - Honoring our Ancestors

Composed and vocals by: Deva Vasuda Guitar: composed and played by Jaap Berends

I would like to express my gratitude to my sources of inspiration Deva Premal & Miten and my beloved Anahata for his loving support.

What is a mantra?

The word Mantra comes from Sanskrit. It is a combination of the words Manasah and Tra. In Sanskrit, man is translated as thoughts and tra means protection. The mantra meaning is thus something like "that which protects our mind". This is one of many interpretations, as no one knows the exact meaning of the word.

When Meditation is difficult for you

Meditating calms you down - although that's what meditating maybe should do. Because sometimes, especially when you sit quietly on a pillow, you just don't get any silence in your head. This also bothered the yogis thousands of years ago. The secret to that has been found: to calm your mind, sing (chant) your mantras.


The real secret is in the sound. Everything is energy; all matter is made up of energy. And that energy is always moving in vibrations. In fact, you could say that your whole body is vibrating. Sometimes this can also be felt physically, for example when you are standing next to a sound system at a concert. You can then feel the sound in your body. The vibration of the sound sets the vibration of your body in motion.

The sounds of a mantra are therefore also made up of vibrations. You don't have to say it out loud for a mantra to work. When you meditate with a mantra, you repeat it to yourself in silence. After all, something does not necessarily have to make a sound to vibrate; just think of light. Mantras are composed in such a way that they have a very pure vibrational level.

Movement for your system

Practicing with a mantra brings peace on the one hand; on the other hand it can also bring a lot of movement to your system. A golden rule applies to working with a mantra: self-paced learning. This means: do not do too little, but also not too much. If you suddenly start working with mantras fanatically, so much old junk is released in your system that your body is unable to process it. Therefore, build it up slowly.

Some people get very clear and awake from chanting a mantra. Therefore, it is best to work with your mantra before breakfast and at the end of your working day, and not just before going to bed.

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